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i'd die for...
Dear Diary, i decided to make a list of everything i'd die for today. it's not a poem, it's a list. just a little messed up i guess. i used to write about everything i wouldn't die for, when i was little and really idealistic about the world and how i'd... Author: neon snowglobe
Date: December 27, 2005
Topic: Miscellaneous Ramblings
Up Yours
Dear ________, Why did you have to go and rip out my heart. If that wasn't enough to hurt me you made sure to stomp on it til it ran dry. I didn't start the fight in the first place, but what was my solution, lets just... Author: Lost_Teen
Date: December 27, 2005
Topic: Miscellaneous Ramblings
The hour chimes twelve, it begins. Cool night air kisses her cheek as she embraces her witching hour. Gray the sky, as it wishing to be contrary. The stars stay hidden, tucked away by thing gray masses. Steadily she sends one foot on its way, following it with the second.... Author: bunny
Date: December 27, 2005
Topic: Poetry
Dear Diary, School is a time of learning, right? Yes, but so much ELSE goes on during our lives at this time ( hormones, relationships, emotions, you name it), and what should come first? I KNOW studies should be on the top of that list, but when you are actually experiencing... Author: Lost & Never Found
Date: December 27, 2005
Topic: School
Do I Still Love Him?
Dear Diary, I've been going out with this guy for about 4 months. But for awhile ive been doudting if i really mean it when i tell him i love him. I know he has cheated on me. But he said it's not cheating because it's not like he asked the... Author: Goth Princess
Date: December 27, 2005
Topic: Relationships
My Best Friend
Dear Diary, I dont know what to do. Is it normal not to trust your best friend?? You would think that she would be the one person that you could trust. I dont know. I think it has alot to do with this guy I like. ... Author: crazy_8901
Date: December 27, 2005
Topic: Friends
Friends give words of hope A word of wisdom, To help one cope An open hand to hold Someone who�s there, When your world begins to fold. An open heart to listen, When it all falls apart. Someone to laugh with, To talk about everything From... Author: tears run dry
Date: December 27, 2005
Topic: Poetry
What to do
ok...i think i love my best freind, but im not sure. i have been freinds with her for,well, almost my whole life...and i know that if i was ever in a long term relashinship it would be with her... and i did tell her this, but resently this girl told me... Author: Evil
Date: December 27, 2005
Topic: Relationships
finding myself
Dear Diary, I cant get a handle on what goes on in my head- what my emotions are. it seems like im always striving for something bigger or deeper than what i have. i see everyone around me living such full lives, and having everything start to fall into place, and... Author: wildfire
Date: December 27, 2005
Topic: Feelings
is it...?
i am possibly the most obsessive person in the world. something happens and its all i can think about for the next couple weeks. no... but this... this is interesting. me and my sister (she's 15 and i'm 17) were in this park thing in the middle of the city, we... Author: Adding to the Noise
Date: December 27, 2005
Topic: Sexuality / Gender
accidentally in love
Dear Diary, i dunno what the frig to do... i've had this guy friend for awhile and i tell him everything...even stuff i cant tell my best girl friends....and same for him....we talk like 6+ hours a day...and i love him like a brother...and i've always just thought of him as... Author: accidentallyinlove
Date: December 27, 2005
Topic: Relationships
the beloved monster
Dear Diary, I am at worst a faceless menace that ruthlessly kills or disables. I am at best something no one has ever heard of, or the fear in the back of every good parent's mind. I strike without regard for race, religion, or social class. And those who suffer form... Author: aelita
Date: December 27, 2005
Topic: Self Harm
Weird friendship
Dear Diary, This is about another one of those "Platonic" friendships that has left me a bit weirded out and confused. I seem to have had a lot of those - I dunno, maybe I have a fear of actual relationships or something... but then again, looking at each discrete... Author: Christie
Date: December 27, 2005
Topic: Relationships
Please help my dream!
Dear Diary, I'm 13 and I want to be an actress .But the problem is I don't know how to get started. I really want to be on the show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on the Disney channel. I would do anything to be an... Author: Miss Dream
Date: December 26, 2005
Topic: Other
I'm I to skinny?
Dear Diary, As it may seem everyone wants to be skinny but sometimes it is not worth it. I am 13 years old, I am 5"4 and I weigh 74 lbs. I throw up all the time. It's like i'm a living skeleton. It hurts when... Author: Skinny girl
Date: December 26, 2005
Topic: Health
so worried
Dear Diary, hi. i've only posted here once (under a different name), but i need to get things off my chest here and i know you guys will be suportive. :) well, my friend josie is in the hospital. she has anorexia. i'm scared out of my mind. this whole thing... Author: martina
Date: December 26, 2005
Topic: Friends
Dear Diary, i drank rice wine vinagar today to try and make myself nauseaus. i already had a slight stomach ache so it did it's job to make food that much less appetizing. it's not that i want to make myself not eat, i just don't want to eat. i don't... Author: neon snowglobe
Date: December 26, 2005
Topic: Miscellaneous Ramblings
I've given up trying to fathom my thoughts and trying to write it down without producing some kinda mumbo-jumbo as a finished piece of work. Cause everytime I try to write about EVERYTHING, it comes out like jigsaw pieces that don't fit. weird... but i'm guessing it doesn't happen to me... Author: A Change for Kate
Date: December 26, 2005
Topic: Miscellaneous Ramblings
Dear Diary, I am so mad.... you see I go and visit churches....well my church is taking the youth at church (including me) to Chuckie Cheese's..... and well we can invite anybody...well I decided that I would bring my best friend.... and then a girl from church said that if my... Author: Mz. Chu-Chi
Date: December 25, 2005
Topic: Friends
Fear Of Sex
Dear Diary, Whenever I get excited around my boyfriend..and we try to do something... I feel extremely shameful. It's not anything bad..but I feel like he's taking advantage of me.... and that he just wants in my pants for sex. I know he doesn't..since he's told me numerous times that he... Author: Laurana
Date: December 25, 2005
Topic: Sexuality / Gender
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